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Albenga, which was formerly a metropolis of the Ingauni (later a Roman town) has served as seat of an early Christian bishop and as a medieval trade center. Today, it is considered as one of the most beautiful and historically interesting cities on the Ligurian coast. Important churches, towers and buildings located in its historical center convey almost magical moods in the evening and night.
Several museums, summer exhibitions and concerts of international standard. Albenga has its own town beach; the famous beach of Alassio is a few kilometers away.

The three tributaries of the river Centa, the Neva, the Lerrone and Torrente Arroscia, come from the west and provide one of the few instances in Liguria where the countryside opens itself up. Below the coast and its busy trade, there is small-scale agriculture; a bit further begin the first hill chains.
The river valleys offer many worthwhile trips, to Vendone, Aquila, Castelbianco, Borghetto, Pieve di Teco ... characteristic towns and villages, where the occasional "baita" is a restaurant for insiders.
The ancient salt road into the Piedmont follows the Neva, towards Cisano, Zuccarello, Erli, finally to Garessio, where people used to go for summer vacations - a "Sommerfrische"".

Leca di Albenga, 29 metres above sea level, app. 1,000 inhabitants, lies in the northwestern periphery of Albegna and is characterized by a historical atmosphere.
Despite the geographical proximity to the town, the number of tourist visitors is low even in summer.
In the village, there are several well-assorted groceries, as well as a pasticceria (bakery) and butcher’s shop, bars, and post office. A larger shopping centre is found 2 kilometres in the direction of Albegna; restaurants and pizzeria are in Leca and in the closer vicinity.
The distance to the closest beach is around 4 kilometres; Alassio can be reached within a few minutes via the new Superstrada.

holiday rental: Villa Costa/Leca

Villanova di Albenga, 15 metres above sea level, app. 1,000 inhabitants, is a picturesque, fortified mini-town, a "borgo".
Attached to Albenga in 1288, it once served as a strategic stronghold in the valley of the Lerrone. Even today, ramparts with towers catch the eye and give a first impression of the town; inside the centre, small streets, the old market square with an old fountain, the Romanesque church of the 12th Century, Santo Stefano near the cemetery.
There are food shops and butchers, bar, etc., a shopping mall can be found in Albenga. Distance to the coast is app. 6 km.

Garlenda, 70 metres above sea level, app. 500 inhabitants, features an unusually extended, developed infrastructure built around a rather small castle, stables, hippodrome, aeroclub, tennis, restaurants, the renowned golf course at Garlenda (also open in winter) ...
Distance to the coast is app. 10 km; taking the new road tunnel to Alassio, it is a 5 minute drive.

Erli, Erli, 310 metres above sea level, app. 250 inhabitants, located just beyond the impressive castle ruins of Castelvecchio Roccabarbena, is a community split up into small fractions, "halfway up" the hill.
Grocery, post office, pharmacy and a restaurant / guesthouse.
Distance to the coast is app. 16 km, public bus.

holiday rental: Ca' Armando/Erli