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Holiday rentals in Liguria


15 m above sealevel, app. 20.000 inhabitants


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Albisola is made up of three separate parts: Albisola Superiore, Albisola Marina, and Albisola Capo. Further to the west lie the harbour and the district capital of Savona - occasionally, cruise liners make a stop-over there, and ferry boats start to Sardinia.

Albisola Superiore is known as a center of the Italian ceramic industry. Even today, many small factories are active - often cooperating with local and foreign artists - beautiful vessels, colorful tiles and characteristic small art works, exhibitions of old and new ceramic art are organized (pottery museum with various activities).

The centre is dominated by the baroque villa Gavotti and its sumptuous garden; in the immediate vicinity lies the picturesque old town centre with its medieval stone bridge spanning the river Riobasco.

Albisola has good restaurants - a trip to the hinterland is quite worthwhile, as well, and leads to sometimes very rich regional food,
cf. Ellera.

Shops of all kinds, shopping in Savona can also be very rewarding - huge weekly street market!

Two sand beaches; the former railway line has been transformed, among other things, into a beach promenade.
Particularly recommendable is the wide sandy beach at nearby Celle Lígure.

The new golf course opened in 2005 - initially, with 9 holes; public swimming pool and other sports facilities are also available.

The hinterland hides many rewarding destinations, Genoa and many cities on the coast are easily accessible by train.

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