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5 m above sealevel, app. 1.000 inhabitants

Szene in Bonassola

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Bonassola is a small and quaint seaside resort on the Riviera di Levante, fairly free of automobiles and wholly without haste (except in August during ferragosto, of course).
A picture perfect village, having remained almost unchanged over the last 30 years. There has been a very strict ban on building for quite a while.

The railway line has been moved a bit up the hill; the former line has become a fly-over with palm trees and practically invisible beach parking area.
In the old train station, a pharmacy, boccia lanes, and the APT tourist information (with internet) have found their homes. The town offers everything you need.
In the direction of the back countryside, the face of the town is dominated by high church towers, a mighty castle ruin, and isolated properties containing villas.

The bay is relatively deep and almost rectangular; the beach is sandy, though not very finely so, and in some spots is made up of gravel. There is plenty of freely accessible beach area.

A bit further south (6 km of roadway or one train stop away, 3,5 kilometres by foot - 75 minutes), in the adjacent bay, lies Lévanto, with busy small-town flair - the "gate to the cinqueterre". One similar distance further lies Monterosso.

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