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369 m above sealevel, app. 1.300 inhabitants

blick ceriana

Ceriana is one those places improbably stuck on a mountain shoulder, which partly determine since the antiquity the landscape in Liguria. From its rocky hill it expands in the Val Armea, surrounded by olive terraces, vegetable gardens and vineyards, pinetrees and maroni chestnuts.
Probably first established by a Roman family, in the Middle Ages then connected with San Remo, it opposed itself for long periods against the supremacy of Genova. Only late, 1350, came the strategic bulwark to the regional superpower, "Genova, la superba".

Below the today's place the parish church S. Pietro (today S. Spirito) arose around 1150, one of the most important Roman churches in Liguria. Further churches shape the townscape and the environment, the parish church S. Pietro e Paolo, oratories ("della Visitazione", "Santa Marta", "Santa Caterina"), the pilgrimage church "Madonna della Villa" and their via crucis. Characteristic to Ceriana are the meetings of the settimana santa, and other religious celebrations in the course of the year.

In the narrow streets, the "carrugi", one seems to dive still into the Middle Ages, closely to closely the stone-houses. But one from Ceriana invented the blast furnace armour, another developed the first scientific plastic and became Nobel Laureate for chemistry ...

In the little town you find all infrastructure for the daily needs, down to the coast a little east of San Remo the driving distance is 13 km.
The valleys Valle Armea and Valle Argentina offer beautiful route possibilities up into the sea-alps; since and there as also in close proximity to Ceriana you can even bathe in the small rivers.