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0 - 150 m above sealevel, app. 5.000 inhabitants

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Ten kilometres of what used to be a fairly inaccessible coast line, a land that has been resisting conquest: the cinqueterre form a kind of miniature of Liguria, represent its extremes: below, in the villages, narrow closeness, on the hills, terraced land cultivation, only vineyards today, with a wide-ranging view of the sea.

It is the aim of the "Parco Nazionale delle Cinqueterre" to protect this stretch of land and the adjoining sea from erosion and damage. The territory was declared UNESCO World Cultural Heritage; individuals may 'adopt' up to 3000 square metres of vineyard terraces and thus contribute personally to the preservation of ancient land structures.

The cinqueterre's special attraction is constituted by the various possibilities of movement they offer: leisurely walks up to the sanctuaries - the secularized Santuario di Montenero located above Riomaggiore or San Sovviore above Monterosso; hikes on trails connecting the five villages and further (too popular and frequented, as of recently accessible only at a fee: the "via dell'amore" to Cornigila), many beautiful hiking tours in Italy's most famous hiking area; with the train, which functions here as a local train, to the next villages and to La Spezia; with boats alongside the steep cliffs ...

Manarola, population of 450: charming, rugged and quiet, with the beauty of a modest fishing village - these are some of the associations of this small village.
Colourful fassades stacked high upon one another on a rugged cliff, to the right and left of a hardly noticeable creek, resembling an almost cubist painting.
Boats are parked directly on the main street and are let to water with the help of wire ropes; in some houses, the grape harvest of the surrounding vineyards is manufactured into wine - here, too, by a younger generation.
Not all local trains stop here, which makes the peak season less busy. Bathing possible at the harbour mole.

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Riomaggiore, population 1.200: this is the most eastern village of the cinqueterre, and its steeply crowded conglomerate of houses is wedged into a narrow coastal bay. The broad main road leads from the parking garage at the entrance of the village through its centre. In the summer, young and very internationally mixed nightlife.
The oldest part of settlement below the (roofed over) railway line, a busy labyrinth of houses, has been constructed at the flanks of a river. Narrow steps lead to the tiny harbour which provides space for only a handful of fishing boats - a quiet niche in the cliffs, with an imposing house front towering above.

holiday rental: La Travandasca