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Holiday rentals in Liguria


10 m above sealevel, app. 6.500 inhabitants


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Lévanto is the only village between Sestri Levante and La Spezia which has small-town flair. Even though bathing activity lasts well into the off-season, Lévanto has a unique character and the numerous shops and bars are by no means only populated by tourists. This village has been an insider's tip for a quiet holiday at sea for generations.

Recently, Lévanto has settled into the role of being the gateway to the cinqueterre - and there are many reasons for basing one's headquarters here. There is more space, more infrastructure, much more beach area, more value for the money, and a quick and easy accessibility to the cinqueterre by local trains - of course, the cinqueterre can also be reached by hiking trails or boat.

The construction of a coastal train had initially destroyed much of Lévanto's pristine centre - meanwhile, the railway line has been moved into the back country, and the old railway embankment is gradually being integrated into the town centre, serving as a promenade for taking a stroll above the beach as well as providing parking spaces. The newer part of town transitions smoothly into the historical centre, which has itself received a considerable amount of remodeling and renovating. Both parts have managed to evade major construction errors, except the railway line itself, which is slowly grown in, however, and is beginning to take on the character of a medieval ruin.

Worth mentioning are Sant'Andrea, the most beautiful gothic church in the area, as well as the pristine landscape surrounding the village. It is also possible to hike to the cinqueterre from here ...

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