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the hills of San Lorenzo

0 - 320 m above sealevel, 800 inhabitants

San Lorenzo

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The hills surrounding the small valley of the Rio di San Lorenzo, called Rio Merea and Rio Tana further upwards, as well as the flanks of the Monte Pian delle Vigne (altitude 537 metres, linear distance to the sea: 3 km!), have developed into a popular holiday region over the years.

This exposed location offers a very large degree view of the ocean - "a balcony above the sea"; because of the difficult farming conditions, the locals have largely migrated into the surrounding cities and have left plenty of room for new uses ... just perfect for a quiet vacation!

The village of Costarainera and the communities Cipressa (234 metres above sea level), Civezza (222 m), Lingueglietta (320 m), Pietrabruna (350 m), Terzorio ... have all defended and preserved their historical appearance.
The coast can be reached in a few kilometres on the road, either by foot or by bus.
In July and August, a shuttle bus constantly runs between the villages and the sea coast.

Down below, at the seaside, San Lorenzo has two faces: on the west side, it presents itself as a quaint little bathing resort with a predominantly free beach; the apartment blocks at the entrance of the town, however, do not present a very enticing invitation. The only access to the beach is a bit hidden, the abandoned railway tracks offer enough parking facilities.
In the direction of Porto Maurizio, a marina is being constructed (2008).

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