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Holiday rentals in Liguria

Porto Maurizio - Oneglia (Imperia)

22 m above sealevel, app. 41.000 inhabitants

porto maurizio

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The two parts of what is today called Imperia, Porto Maurizio and Oneglia, have a rather contradictory political history; the border river Impero divided political powers and parties, opinions and spheres of influence. Some generations ago, they were united by force; until now, they have each preserved a very different character, and the old rivalry between the two historic cities finds still expression in much local teasing.

Porto Maurizio, the prettier sister, is enthroned impressively on a hill, just above the intact medieval Paraiso neighborhood, below the Loggia of Santa Chiara and the neo-classical cathedral (the geographical indication in its facade has been a mystery to some), down the coast line, with its marina and several beaches.
Oneglia is much busier and economically important, you go downtown for practical purposes, also for some quite reasonable shopping. There are sophisticated restaurants, and you may even find the local fish soup "bouillabasse" or "buiadessa" on a menu card.

Both parts of the city have made substantial efforts to improve their touristic attractiveness.
Renowned are the "vele d'epoca" (the "historic sailing") in the autumn in Porto Maurizio, alternating each year with the "motoryacht d'epoca" in Oneglia.

Streetmarkets: Monday and Thursday in Porto Maurizio - Wednesday and Saturday in Oneglia.

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