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149 m above sealevel, 800 inhabitants

stadttor vallebona

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Vallebona, "valle-buona fertile", fortuitous because of location and climate, with pre-Roman origins, is set about 4 km north of Bordighera (the town of flowers and palm trees), halfway up a hill slope in the middle of olive and wine terraces, mimosa and broom. A mountain village by the sea. In the rio Borghetto, they still fish trout.

It was farmers who lived here originally, stubborn and strong, legendary fighters, victorious against the greatly feared Turkish corsair Ulugh Ali (1565). In the 17th century, Vallebona freed itself from Ventimiglia and formed, along with other villages, the "Magnifica comunit%agrave; degli otto Luoghi", adopting surprisingly democratic statutes for those times; the comunit%agrave; survived even the Napoleonic period.
The next municipality uphill, the principality Seborga, has kept feodal privileges even until today.

The characteristic structure of the fortified medieval village is largely preserved: closely built houses, narrow streets, small squares with views of the sea, covered arcades ("carrugi"). One of the former gates is still recognizable. Upon the remains of an older church, whose Campanile is still in operation, the parish church of San Lorenzo was built (late gothic portal of 1478).

Today, Vallebona does not share the fate of many other locations at the coast, where foreigners have bought the decaying houses and built holiday camps. There is good infrastructure, well-stocked food shops, butchers, two restaurants, bar, post office, regular bus service to Bordighera, weekly street markets.

The beach is 4 km away, famous Bordighera and Ospedaletti, urban life in San Remo a little further. Trips to Seborga, Dolceacqua, Apricale, Monaco, the Cote d'Azur, or to the border area and 1000 meters to the Colle della Melosa are easily done.

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