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Holiday rentals in Liguria

Villages in the Valprino

Pantasina (433 m above sealevel, estimated 300 inhabitants)
Poggi (150 m above sealevel, 500 inhabitants)

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Pantasina, Vasia, Prela and Praelo as well as a number of other small villages and hamlets are spread all over the back country of Imperia, above Dolcedo and on the steeper hills of the Valprino. These villages find themselves nestled into a wholly intact natural environment, consisting of widespread, silvery olive groves and seemingly endless stone walls - precious heritages of the ancestors of this region. The olive terraces are carefully tended to, and their fruit of the variety "taggiasca" produces one of the most coveted oils, light and delicate in taste. This is a region at the gateway between the sea and the rural back country, uniting the best of both worlds and their traditions. The people of these valleys are jovial and hospitable, living in unity with the simplicity and hardiness of country life.

This region provides many enticing alternatives to a bathing holiday. The old mule paths are still in existence and connect the villages - ask the locals, and you will surely find them.
The setting is ideal for hiking, mountain-biking and horseback-riding; over the course of the year, musical, gastronomical and folkloric events alternate in the villages of the valley.

Here and there, you will discover a trattoria or a small store - for better shopping facilities and more infrastructure, a visit to Dolcedo is necessary. There, you will find several grocery shops, two restaurants, bar, post office, internet café, riding stable, tennis courts (all of this is also available at the sea coast). Depending on which village you start from, it is a five to twenty minute drive to the beach at Porto Maurizio and about an equal distance to the first range of the Ligurian Alps.

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